Forexwhizz work along with qualified people's to provide research and information on Global stock and forex market mainly based on fundamental and technical analysis. Our core team is having superior execution capabilities, meticulous research, rich transaction experience which help our clients to execute a variety of strategic and financial transactions.
The Foreign exchange market – most often called the Forex Market, or simply the FX market – is the largest and most liquid of all international financial markets. The Forex market is the crossroads for international capital,the intersection through which global commercial and investment flows have to move .
To start trading in Forex you need to register a trading account with Forex broker.Than you can begin using their client program to buy and sell currencies with the help of proper advisory services which you get from Forex whizz. This will take less than 5 minute of your time!
The Forex market is open and active 24 hours a day, from the start of business hours on Monday morning in the Asia- Pacific time zone straight through to the Friday close of business hours in New York.
NO, we only advice when to buy and sell, clients are free choose their own preferred brokers.
Equity is a financial instrument which represents an ownership interest in a company. Investing in equity of public limited companies that are listed on a stock exchange entails acquiring the shares or stock of the company. While equity is considered to be a high risk return investment due to the huge scope of appreciation or loss on capital as it directly depends on the company’s performance, general market conditions and the economic situation of the country, it occupies a prominent place in most investors’ portfolio.
Our (Forex whiz) Fundamental and Technical analyst will tell you whether a stock is currently undervalued, correctly priced or overvalued, thereby enabling you to choose the scrip that has a scope of appreciation as per client risk taking capacity.
Forexwhizz rule is to buy at a low price and Hold forever for all long term investors, if the business fundamentals of the company are exceptionally good. For traders our technical analyst advise to buy low and sell high time to time by analysing previous history of stock charts in order to maximize profit.
To invest/online trade in equities, an investor needs to open a demat account with a authorised stock broker. Additionally, an investor must decide that whether he wants to invest by making purchases or taking delivery of shares or by undertaking margin trading wherein an investor has to only pay a portion of the purchase price while the broker funds the remaining cost of shares. Margin trading which can magnify your buying power doesn’t involve delivery of shares as an investor only books profits or loss.
No, we do not guarantee any profit, investments/trading are subject to market risk. Investor must analysis his own appetite carefully before investing in markets.
Yes, we have 3 days Free Trial you can apply by clicking on Free Trial page.
No, we do not have any refund/cancellation/transfer policy, amount once paid will not be refund in any case. Clients are advise to take our 3 Free Trial option before choosing paid services.